UK Work Visa Requirements and Information

Apart from being a tourist destination, UK is one among those countries people look forward to for
work purposes. It is one of the most popular destinations for immigration for the ones who want to
settle and work there. People from all across the world look forward to settling in UK due to the high
salaries and excellent environment for working. However, the immigration procedure for UK is quite
restrictive. One needs to have clear idea about the UK work visa requirements and information before
they plan to settle there.
There are many different types of work visas available to the immigrants depending on their purpose of
visiting and the type of work they want to do. From the year 2010, the government of UK made quite a
few changes in the UK immigration law so that they can restrict the immigrants from travelling to UK,
especially those residing outside from EEA. UK has a five-tier system for the visa permissions. Here are
all the details for the UK work visa requirements and information.
1. Tier 1 visa: this category for visa is for those who are highly valued and skilled professionals or
entrepreneurs. Investors, doctors, engineers, etc., fall into this category of the exceptional
talent visa.
2. Tier 2: skilled workers residing outside EEA are eligible for the tier 2 visa. However, they should
be having an appropriate job letter in UK. These skilled workers are the ones that are
transferred form their country to the UK by the company they are working in, sports people,
Ministers of religion, and the ones that are skilled for a particular job that has been proven
shortage of in the UK.
3. Tier 3: This category of visa has been designed for the ones that are to fill in the gaps for a
temporary shortage for labour. The government of UK has not permitted any such kind of visas
to the immigrants. Unfortunately, under this scheme, no one is eligible to apply for a visa.
4. Tier 4 visa: the tier 4 category of visa is for the students that are over the age of 16 residing
outside EEA and are willing to study in UK. However, the student must have applied to an
institute before they apply for the student visa approval.
5. Tier 5 visa: this category of the tier 5 visa has other 6 sub divisions of visa approval for the
temporary workers. This includes creative and charity workers, sportsperson, religious workers,
and other young people who wish to work temporarily in UK when they have holidays. The tier 5
visa is approved to those immigrants that have alternative arrangements in UK when they
decide on working there.
One must go through all the UK work visa requirements and information before they apply in the state
for any kind of work. Check out the category in that suits according to the type of work you are going for
and then apply for the visa accordingly. Know what category you fall into from all the five tiers and then
apply along with proper guidance.UK work visa requirements and information