How To Get a Work Visa For Poland Step By Step 2023

Are you planning to work in Poland but don’t know where to start with the visa application process? With the right guidance, getting a work visa for Poland can be a smooth and stress-free experience.

Fortunately, obtaining a work visa for Poland is not as complicated as it may seem. With a step-by-step guide, you can easily understand the process and increase your chances of success. In this article, we’ll take you through the essential steps you need to follow to obtain a work visa for Poland.

Types of  Visas in Poland Offering & You Can Apply

Poland has several types of work visas for those who wish to take up employment in the country. These include Work Permit A, Work Permit B, and Work Permit C.

Work permit A:  is typically issued to individuals who have received a job offer from an employer in Poland, provided they have obtained a valid residence permit.

Work Permit B: is designed for those employees of board members who plan on staying in Poland for more than six months.

Work Permit C: is available to those delegates visiting Poland for more than 30 days and wishing to engage in activities related to their profession during that time.

Work Permit D: is available to those delegates visiting Poland to work in export services.

Requirements to Obtain Polish Work Visas

For those seeking a work visa to Poland, there are several documents that must be presented in order to be accepted and considered for the visa. Firstly,

Valid passport: it is essential to have a valid passport with an expiry date of at least three months after the planned departure day from Poland.

Visa application form: A completed and signed visa application form should also be presented which can either be obtained online or through an appointment with the embassy/consulate of Poland.

Colored photograph: Along with the application form, two colored photographs must be submitted in accordance with Schengen visa photo requirements which typically portray neutral facial expressions and plain light-colored backdrops.

Proof of flight ticket & health insurance: it is also required to provide proof of a flight ticket to Poland along with travel health insurance coverage of around €30,000. This health insurance should cover any medical expenses that may arise during your stay in Poland such as hospitalization or doctor’s appointments.

Proof of accommodation: you have to submit proof in the form of documents that you have a place to live in Poland

Polish work permit: Your employer will provide you with a work permit

letter of employment:  you have to submit a letter, signed by your employee stating your designation and salary 

Police clearance certificate: In order to present clean background, you have to submit proof that shows that you do not have any criminal history.

How to Get Poland Work Visa?

The process of applying for a work visa to Poland starts with finding a job in the country. Here is the process

. The employer must be willing to apply for a work permit on your behalf and will have to provide evidence of their ability to sponsor you.

. Once this is accepted, you can then apply for your own work visa at the Polish embassy 

. After the visa has been approved, enter Poland with the designated work visa and start working. 

Steps Involve In  Applying For A Poland Work Permit

To obtain a work permit in Poland, the first step is to secure an offer of employment from a Polish employer who is legally entitled to hire foreign nationals. The employer will then be responsible for applying for the work permit on your behalf and will require certain documentation from you in order to do so.

Application form which states the period of time for which you would like to stay in Poland and the specific position that you wish to secure.

Application fee application form should then be accompanied by evidence that the application fee has been paid,

Proof of employer legal status in Poland which can be provided via a copy of their registration from the National Court Register (NCR).
Besides the above documents, your employer may be asked to provide additional documents

Employers Economic History

Copy Of employee’s passport pages

Employees’ health insurance proof

Apply for a work visa

Once you have the authorization you can work in Poland then you can apply for a visa in the embassy in your own country, here are the steps

1. Fill out the application form through the Polish consulate website 

2. In this step setup the appointment by visiting the embassy or consulate 

3. Collect the required documents

4. Submit the Application