Latest Dubai Driver Jobs

Latest Dubai Driver Jobs. So, you’ve decided it’s time to hit the road! Whether you’re looking for a part-time gig or something more full-time, driving offers a variety of exciting opportunities in Dubai. Maybe you want to pick up some extra hours for the holidays, drive for an Uber option like Careem, or serve a VIP clientele as a personal chauffeur.

It’s no secret that the UAE is a hotbed of career opportunities, especially for those willing to get behind the wheel. Dubai is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and drivers can enjoy year-round sunshine and all of its accompanying activities. But before you start your engine, let’s take a closer look at what Dubai driver jobs can offer you today. In this article, we’ll explore some of the latest and greatest driver jobs available in Dubai right now so that you can decide which one is right for you.

What Kind of Driver Jobs Are Available in Dubai?

Are you ready to get behind the wheel and start working in Dubai? Whether you’re a veteran driver looking for a change of scenery or an up-and-coming driver just starting in your career, there are loads of driver jobs available in Dubai.

From transport and logistics to luxury chauffeuring and private hire, Dubai has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for a secure and well-paid job, take your pick of these options:

  • Transport & Logistics: If you are experienced in handling cargo from point A to point B efficiently with minimal downtime, then this job is for you. Working with trucks and trailers, and delivering goods and products is a great way to make a living here.
  • Private Hiring: With the limousine industry booming in the city, companies are always on the lookout for experienced drivers who can provide luxury chauffeuring services at competitive prices.
  • Commercial Driving: Think taxis, busses, and ferries. With its buzzing transportation system, there is never a shortage of these jobs in Dubai.

Whatever driver job you choose to pursue here, your services will be greatly appreciated by both employers and passengers alike!

Requirements and Qualifications Needed to Become a Driver in Dubai

If you’re interested in becoming a driver in Dubai, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you meet the job requirements. Typically, employers are looking for drivers to have valid licenses and experience driving. Additionally, you may need to hold a valid commercial driving license or special license for certain types of vehicles.

Aside from driving ability and licensing, other qualifications could help you land an ideal job. These include:

  • Ability to multi-task
  • Good communication skills
  • Superior customer service abilities
  • Flexibility and ability to work long hours
  • Good organizational skills
  • Knowledge of Dubai roads and regulations

Having a Bachelor’s degree may also be beneficial depending on the job requirements. With the right qualifications, you can level up your chances of finding a great driver job in Dubai!

Tips for Applying for Driver Jobs in Dubai

Ready to start applying for driver jobs in Dubai? We have some tips you should consider that could help you secure the perfect driving job.

Know the Requirements

Make sure that you are familiar with the requirements of the job. Make sure to know the qualifications, experience, and license requirements expected by employers. Being knowledgeable about what they require can help you craft a more targeted resume and cover letter when submitting your profile to employers.

Get Relevant Experience

Having relevant experience as a driver can give you an edge when applying for driver jobs in Dubai. Employers will often look for applicants who have previous experience in their specific industry, type of vehicle, or route. Getting the right experience will give you a competitive advantage when applying for driving jobs in Dubai.

Be Proactive

Once you have an understanding of what kind of driver job you would like to apply for, invest time into finding potential employers who are hiring for those types of roles. You can do this through online job search websites, and also by attending career fairs or industry events if possible – this way, you will be able to better position yourself at companies who are actively looking for talent in the driving space.

Benefits and Salaries for Drivers in Dubai

When looking for driver jobs in Dubai, you might want to know about the benefits and salaries available to you. Fortunately, the city of Dubai offers some very attractive packages for drivers, with competitive salaries and great amenities.


The average salary of a driver in Dubai is AED 2,000 per month and can go up to AED 8,000 or even more. However, the salary will depend on experience level, whether you are employed as a private or government driver, and what type of car you are driving.


In addition to a great salary package, some driver positions come with additional benefits such as free accommodation and meals, or even paid sick leave. Drivers working for private companies might also have their phone bills covered by their employers.

Apart from that there are also bonuses like:

  1. Overtime pay at an hourly rate of 1/4th of your basic salary
  2. Transportation to and from work (if not included in the salary package)
  3. Medical insurance with coverage for yourself and your dependents
  4. Yearly return flight tickets if you are hired from overseas
  5. And more!

In short, it’s easy to see why driving in Dubai is so attractive – the salaries are competitive and numerous benefits make it an even sweeter deal!

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