Australia visa immigration process

Australia visa immigration process

Australia is one among those countries that people look forward to when it comes to permanent
residency, working, job opportunities, or be it tourism. It is a wonderful destination that has something
or the other for all. The beautiful scenery attracts so many tourists from all around the world to visit it.
There are so many job opportunities as well that pay out great salaries to all the workers. Also, it is a
great place to reside if one wants to settle there permanently. However, one must be thorough with all
the visa application procedures and requirements. The Australia immigration process is not that simple
as one thinks it is.
If one wants to visit Australia for working, they need to apply for the visa for the work they intend on
doing there. There are work visas available for the ones falling into these categories:

  • ¬†Workers that are highly specialised
  • Other workers with good skills
  • People that have taken part in various activities that are conducted in Australia
  • People willing to work specifically during holidays
  • Short term working professionals or trainees
  • Highly experienced businessmen
  • Investors willing to invest in Australia
  • Offshore gas and oil industry of Australia

If one wants to apply for a visa, the online assessment of the Australian bureau helps with all the
Australia visa immigration process. Be it temporary immigration or permanent immigration, one can
get all the help needed. The Australia visa immigration process is done for availing various kinds of

1. ETA visa for tourists: These visas are applied by the people wanting to visit Australia as tourists.
They are to be applied online and are granted within a few minutes of the application. One can
get a tourist visa for up to 3 months that has a validity for one year. However, the person getting
an approval for tourist visa is not eligible to work there.

2. Working holiday visa: These visas are for the ones that are willing to work in Australia during
their holidays for a temporary time. People between the age 18 to 30 are eligible for this visa.
However, the citizen of that country must be having a proper holiday working agreement with
the organisation before they apply for the visa.

3. Skilled workers visa: Various professionals and skilled labour are eligible for applying for this
visa. They should be willing to reside and work in Australia and should have appropriate skills
according to the job type for fulfilling the shortage of labour in Australia.

4. Family visa: One can apply for a family visa when they want to reunite with the Australian
citizens residing there. However, this visa requires a sponsorship from an Australian resident for
the one attending them.

The Australia immigration process must be gone through properly so that it enables one to make
proper decisions as to what kind of visa they must apply for. It takes different approval times for
different kind of visas so one must plan accordingly.