Free Calling Apps for Phone Calls

Free Calling Apps for Phone Calls!

Free Calling Apps for Phone Calls In today’s modern world, where everyone is occupied in their lives, it is essential to stay in touch with your loved ones. But when we talk about staying in touch, we do not mean that you have to speak to them daily. Safe to say, people, do not have time to engage in conversations daily anyway. On the other hand, communication can be expensive as well. If you live away from your family and friends, you might want to make international calls to them, and oh boy, those are costly.

Making calls will not be costly if you know how to look in the ideal places. By this, we mean looking for apps that allow you to make calls for free. The catch of this informative piece is that we will be listening down top calling apps through which you can make calls without needing a number.

Now, we know that finding number-free apps can be difficult and slightly tricky as well. Some apps will generate a temporary number through which you can call others. But there are pros and cons to such apps. Having that in mind, in this piece, you will find the best options, you can use to make free calls without the need of any number.

These apps allow you to receive and make international and domestic calls without any costs (hence, the word free). Once you have downloaded them, the apps will give you a free number to message or call the other numbers.

Here’s the list of the best iOS and Android top free calling apps without using a SIM:


One of the most famous calling apps that have been known to be in the market for an extended period, Talkatone, is one of the top best-calling apps. Over the years, numerous changes were made to the app, which now concludes it to offer the opportunity to earn unlimited texts and calls to any other number in Canada and the US. To make international calls, you may want to get credits. The rates of making international needs vary.

Talkatone is filled with features such as call block, passcode protection (in case you want to ensure that no one accesses the app), and the opportunity to make your very own custom voicemail.

You might want to pay a small subscription fee ($10 only) to get rid of banner ads, which cost higher on multiple other apps. Otherwise, this app is ideal for use. Breezy, modern, and straightforward – you’d love it!


Compared to the app we mentioned above, TextNow comes with more customization options alongside the opportunity to make free texts and calls. Additionally, you will also see that the design of TextNow is different from Talkatone. You also have the option to customize the theme and the colors the way you want. The app allows you to sync your text messages on your PC, which is a bonus of going for TextNow – no other app offers this.

Once upon a time, TextNow used to operate on a model of its own: as a subscription plan, you would have to pay around $4 per month to access your number and gain features such as call forwarding and voicemail. However, the case is pretty different now. The app is now free to use and allows you to make calls all across the States without barriers. It is your choice to remove ads and pray additionally. Aside from making calls in the US, you can also use the app to make international calls, for which you would have to purchase minutes and finish an in-app survey.

3.Text Me/TextMe Up/FreeTone

Text Me, TextMe Up, and FreeTone is the same apps, but come with different schemes and colors. Text Me is royal blue, TextMe Up is light blue, and finally, you would see seafoam greenish-blue FreeTone display once you download it. All three of these apps provide the opportunity to make free phone calls and texts.

Once you download FreeTone and move towards making an account, you will be given a unique number of your own. Upon downloading TextMe Up, you will be signed in your account through the same number. Because they are all made from the same company, it makes it easier for the users when they try different apps. Why three different apps were made is still unknown, but they get the job done, and that is what people like the most.

In the end, whichever app you end up choosing and going with, you will be satisfied with the results. Calls and texts from Canada and the US are entirely free, but again, to make international calls, you need to make purchases. The easier way to earn credits is to spend some time watching the videos of sponsored outlets advertised on the app. If not, you can always purchase credits anyway. In these apps, you can also have the option of using a web messenger. You can use this messenger on any of your devices through the built-in scanner for QR code.

With respect to getting rid of ads, the ads presented on the apps are pretty integrated. It makes it difficult for one to ignore the ads that are displayed on it. Therefore, consumers usually go for the option of removing them. For $2 per month, you can ensure that you do not see these ads ever again.


For making inbound calls and texts for free, TextPlus is another app you can need to check. But speaking of inbound, when it comes to making outbound calls, this one is not free. Outbound calls that are within the States cost you $0.02 per minute. Similar to the above mentioned three apps, you can see sponsored videos and bag yourself credits that you can use to make these calls.

Once you download the app, you will see that the interface is divided into five different tabs. In the first tab, you will the balance that you have and the various ways you can get credits. The second tab is similar to the first one (do not know why it was made). In the remaining three-tab, you will see your calls, texts, settings, and contacts. The setting tab allows you to change the number for a different one present in the US’s area code.

Personal take? Without the option of making free outbound calls within Canada and the US, there are not many reasons why you would want to go for TextPlus over any other free calling app. The other ones pretty much meet that requirement. However, if the rates for calling other countries are cheaper on TextPlus compared to others, then you might want to go for this one.


For an extended period, Dingtone looked pretty outdated, which frankly caused them many losses in consumers and reputation. While there were unique features offered, the interface is what ticked people off. Nonetheless, let’s not look into the past and focus on what is presented today, right?

With new changes, the recent redesign has made a decent comeback, which is why we have included it in the list. Once you download Dingtone, you will witness a sleek, smart interface that is easy to navigate and use.

Oh, and coming back to the unique features we talked about. Let’s look into the Callback feature. Dingtone allows you this option exclusively to its users. It first rings you; then, it rings the other person, and then the call is connected. This reduces the calling fees. This app also offers the opportunity to add second and third numbers. For example, you can have a different number for your tablet, an extra for your phone, and a different one for the other one.

Additionally, you can also use call blocking, call forwarding, and voicemail features. To make international calls on cell phones and landlines in more than 150 countries, you would need credit, and on this app, you can watch videos and earn it.

Another great thing about Dingtone is that it allows you with a number in Canada, the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Australia. You see, this one was missing on the apps we mentioned above. Surely, Dingtone has come a long way with respect to innovation and making the app one of the best ones for users out there.

So, here are the top 5 free number calling apps you need to check out. All these apps are available to download Android as well as iOS. You just need to understand some basics, and you will be good to go. In these times, when everyone is connected to their phones, you need to know what your options are when it comes to connecting with people.