Canada Work Visa Requirements and Information

Canada work visa requirements and information

A person willing to work temporarily or permanently in Canada, must have a prior knowledge about the
Canada work visa requirements and information. The Canadian working visa or work permit is issued
by an individual that are eligible to work there for a specific period of time and residing in a foreign
country. There are a certain criteria that should be kept in mind when one decides to work in Canada
and work there. If you are wondering how to get a work visa, here are all the Canada work visa
requirements and information that you need to know.

Eligibility for a Canadian visa

Applicants applying for a work visa in Canada must be having a proof that they fulfill the eligibility criteria
to work there. For applying for a Canada work permit, there are a certain requirements that need to be
fulfilled. These are the documents that one must possess before applying for the visa:

  •  Valid passport that has a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of arrival in Canada.
  • passport photographs that have been clicked recently.
  •  Certificates of all the educational qualifications.
  •  Valid proofs for professional qualifications that includes the working experience as well.
  •  Valid proofs for the availability of the financial resources for covering all the expenses while
    staying in Canada.
  •  A proper medical check up from the hospital that is registered.
  •  Fee for the application procedure.
  • The applicants for the work visa must also convince the officials of the immigration process that theywould safely return to their residing country once their employment period gets over.
    Getting a Canadian work visa

The immigrant must have a complete knowledge about the Canada work visa requirements and
information and should be fulfilling them all in order to be eligible for receiving the visa approval.

1. For almost all the cases, you must have a proper job offer or a contract letter form the employer
of the organisation in Canada before you plan on applying for the visa.
2. The employer of the organisation should be having a valid Labour Market Impact Assessment
(LMIA) before they plan on hiring you. The government of Canada issues this document to the
employer residing in Canada for hiring workers form the foreign countries.
3. The person will also have to provide enough evidence to prove that they meet the eligibility
criteria for getting the job offer.
4. If one decides to apply for the open work permit, there is no need to provide the job offer along
with the application. However, work permits are only issued to the individuals who are:
a) Accompanying their spouse or common law partners in a few cases
b) Accompanying children that are dependent
c) Participating in the International Experience Canada, which is a holiday working programme.

By knowing about the Canada work visa requirements and information, one can visit the place and get
the visa approval easily for working in Canada, be it temporary or permanent.