How to get work permit for canada

Canada is a European country. It is a parliamentary democratic system and a lawful kingdom.  Madam Elizabeth II is the head of this state. Canada is a western state and comprises of round about 10 districts and 3 regions.

This state surrounds approximately 9, 984 and 670-kilo meter squares with round about 37, 242 and 571 total citizens. Canada is a realm in an ordinary wealth of nation. It has a strong membership in several international institutions such as

  • Officially Bilingual at the National Level.

More briefly, Canada is a urbanized country with a well-established economic system. It has the 15th position because of its per capita revenue and 12th topper in the Human Development Index.

The basic cash form is CAD (Canadian Dollar). The major language is English and French. It has several major regions such as

  • Toronto
  • Calgary
  • Hamilton
  • London
  • Halifax
  • Windser
  • Victoria

Ottawa is the prime city and the largest region in Toronto.

Canada has peaceful relations with its surrounded countries. It is well-known as a middle power as it has performed a key role in worldwide dealings with a trend to follow polygonal solutions.

The people who desire to visit this beautiful country may have different reasons for example education, employment or owning a business organization etc. The Canadian administration has introduced valuable immigration programs such as,

  • Canadian Skill Class Plan.
  • Introduce Visa Series.
  • Temporary Person Plan.
  • Family Support Plan.
  • Regional Candidate Plan.
  • Caregiver Plan.
  • Immigrant Plan.

The visitors should follow the procedure discussed below.

There is some necessary documentation required to immigrate to Canada.

  • Basic language efficiency.
  • The applicant must have a foreign educational credential assessment report.
  • A proof about good health & character.
  • A specific visa permit authorized by the Canadian government.
  • A legal passport with the minimum time period of 6 months.
  • All necessary document proof about the financial resources to handle all expenses.
  • The visa application form.
  • Time schedule your flight.
  • Most important proof about your purpose of the trip.

Migration Plan

The dealing out system for migration to Canada may differ for unusual migration programs. If someone is applying for LMIA based visas and for this he will labor market impact assessment approval report.

For further assistance and support, the wishing person should visit Immigration Consultancy Service so that he can complete all credentials formalities in time with look upon a visa filling such as document arrangement, different certifications, ECA & IELTS guarantee, character & health confirmations.

Immigration Points System & Calculation

These points are mostly the points allocated for profile criteria when a profile is submitting to the immigration office along with the factors such as education, age, experiences, skills & talents, and speaking language capability. It can be different as per the immigration program, the applicant applying to.

If the submitted profile meets all requirements of a specific migration program, the wishing person will become fully qualified for the invitation to apply. The visitor can speak to an migration advisor in order to get complete help and support.

Canadian Policy & Rules for Immigration

The term & conditions depend upon the category of visa.

  • Temporary Visa or Visit Visa
  • Permanent residency visa


The rules, policies, and procedures are different and depend upon the entry type. The temporary visa is for a specific time period it means the candidate can stay for a short time. The temporary visa contains visitor visa permit or traveler visa, student visa, work visa etc.

On the other hand, the permanent permits are for skilled or talented worker group, business visa or family sponsorship.

The visitor visa is applied when the person is exterior the Canada but for the permanent visas, the person can apply easily whether he is within or outside the country. The permanent visa depends upon the need and requirements.

Support & Assistance

Though the migration to Canada is quit disturb free but specialist supervision and support are always desirable for a trouble-free journey.

A consultant or a specialist can assist you to understand the point migration system. The misconception about the profile submission and other errors can make postponement in request processing.