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Japan, an island country lying off the east bank of Asia. It contains a mind-boggling series of islands in an upper east southwest roundabout section that reaches out for about 1,500 miles (2,400 km) through the western North Pacific Sea. Concerning the entire land, the locale is taken up by the country’s four standard islands; from north to south these are Hokkaido (Hokkaidō), Honshu (Honshū), Shikoku, and Kyushu (Kyūshū). Honshu is the greatest of the four, continued in size by Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku. Additionally, there are different smaller islands, the huge social affairs of which are the Ryukyu (Nansei) Islands (counting the island of Okinawa) southward and west of Kyushu and the Izu, Bonin (Ogasawara), and Spring of spouting magma (Kazan) islands southward and east of central Honshu. The public capital, Tokyo (Tōkyō), in east-central Honshu, is one of the world’s most packed metropolitan networks.

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