7 Top Places in Canada with Most Job Opportunities

Canada being a beautiful state, has much more to offer than breathtaking landscapes. It welcomes 50000 migrants every year and gives them a chance to transform their lives and fulfill their dreams. So, people migrate here for work and study due to its welcoming climate and job opportunities.

However, certain Canadian cities have ranked highly for employment opportunities. It’s essential to research the regions of Canada that will offer you the most job opportunities to maximize your chances of success there. Do you want to move to Canada with your family? Let’s find out how to do that!

In this article, we will talk about the Top places in Canada that have the most Job opportunities. You will know the place’s population, popular job sector, and the average salary per year in that area. So, without any further due, let’s get started!

What are the Top places in Canada with Most Job Opportunities?

1. Toronto, Ontario

Population:  2.9 million

Employment rate: 63%

Popular jobs Sector: Healthcare

Estimated salary: $52,000 yearly.

Toronto is the first place in Canada to find highly paid and welcoming jobs. This city is home to America’s most prominent financial districts and draws thousands of tourists and multinational corporations to the city each year.

So, this creates many job opportunities for people. This area has an excellent transportation system, so you don’t have to worry about travel. Like other Canadian cities, Toronto has a diverse population. Therefore, if you decide to move to Toronto, you will find a sense of community and comfort. 

2.  Edmonton, Alberta

 Population:  1 million

Employment rate: 64.4%

Popular jobs Sectors: Manufacturing, agriculture, & logistics

Estimated salary:  $55,000Yearly

Edmonton is the capital of the Alberta province and is situated on the North Saskatchewan River. Edmonton is a thriving urban center in the middle of the wilderness.

 This place gives exceptional job opportunities to individuals. It has a GDP of more than $500 billion. With an annual growth rate of 5%, the metropolitan region has one of the fastest-expanding economies in Canada. This city will give you a lot of benefits, like low taxes, affordable housing, and top-notch educational facilities with immense job opportunities.

3. Calgary, Alberta

Population:  1.3 million

Employment rate:  68%

Popular jobs Sectors: Energy, aerospace & technology

Estimated salary:  $65,000 yearly

Calgary is a bustling city of millions of people who own businesses. If you want a calm environment, Calgary is the perfect choice due to its proximity to nature and its resources. Calgary has had an economic boom for the past ten years that has reduced unemployment and given rise to new job opportunities.

Employers in Calgary offer new workers better-starting salaries than any other significant Canadian city. Additionally, it presents a wide range of opportunities in the manufacturing, aerospace, energy, and technology sectors.

4. Montreal, Quebec

Population:  1.7 million

Employment rate:  62%

Popular jobs Sector: High tech, electronic goods & aerospace

Estimated salary:  $50,000 yearly.

 Montreal is the province of Quebec and is known for its extensive French Colonial past that stretches back to the 16th century. The majority of people who live in Montreal prefer to speak French. Montreal is the best choice for you if you are fluent in French.

Montreal’s cost of living is affordable as compared to other cities. This city creates many job opportunities for motivated individuals. It is a popular location for immigrants worldwide because of its post-secondary educational facilities and affordable housing.

5. Vancouver, British Columbia

Population:  1.7 million

Employment rate: 64%

Popular jobs Sector: entertainment, high tech, & real estate

Estimated salary: $65,000 yearly.

Vancouver is one of the big cities in British Columbia. It invites immigrants of all racial and ethnic backgrounds from all over the world. Many immigrants to Canada can discover fascinating career prospects in Vancouver.

The city has jobs in every field, including entertainment, high-tech, real estate, etc. There is no better place when it comes to retirement. Government pensions in Vancouver are typically 90% greater than in other parts of Canada. The only disadvantage of living in Vancouver is the high housing costs and living standards.

6. Hamilton, Ontario

Population:  1 million

Employment rate:  61%

Popular jobs Sectors: Manufacture, finance & agriculture

Estimated salary:  $56,000 yearly

Hamilton is a port city in Canada situated between Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment. The town is recognized for its industrial past and has a distinctly urban vibe, a thriving arts scene, and a busy downtown.

Visitors and locals enjoy the unique urban vibe of this place. Talking about the career opportunities in Hamilton invites an immense flow of immigrants seeking jobs. It is home to Canada’s biggest iron and steel industries and production facilities. But it also has a robust culture in the food and agriculture and financial and creative sectors.

7. Ottawa, Ontario

Population:  1.05 million

Employment rate:  67%

Popular jobs Sector: Government & High tech

Estimated salary: $64,000 yearly.

The place Ottawa is famous as a government town. This capital is home to several government buildings. Government employment and the abundance of universities, trade schools, and four-year colleges in this area support a thriving economy.

Both the governmental sector and the high-tech sector are flourishing in Ottawa. For those with various backgrounds and interests, there are several options. This place has a significant startup community. You’ll meet everyone and discover how amazing it is as soon as you become involved.


Which job is highly required in Canada?

The most required job in Canada is in social and health care. Most provinces seek qualified doctors,
nurses, healthcare workers, and social workers

How to apply for a job in Canada?

Apply for a job in Canada by following these steps:
1) Select the type of job you want.
2) Search for open positions.
3) Apply for the right visa. 
4) Use social media to make contacts.

Can I immigrate to Canada without IELTS?

You can immigrate to Canada without IELTS. The test of language proficiency is optional.
But make sure you know the Canadian immigration process and meet their eligibility