3 steps and you can start your career in Japan

3 steps and you can start your career in Japan

A career in Japan is a dream to many. Flourishing lifestyle in the nation and outstanding career plans
in the nation makes it a trance to many career opportunists. However, to get there in the nation and
find a career plan for yourself is not so much easy for you. You can collect the details from the
Japanese work visa requirements and information and shape everything best for you. Although not
easy to get into a job there in Japan, you can make it simple by following three simple steps.
Get a Job first

You cannot go to Japan for your career unless some of the companies out there won’t sponsor your
visa. Get the Japanese work visa requirements and information and search for a company. The
company will be offering you the job by approving your qualities and your effectiveness in the job.
Once they do approve you for the job, they will be the one who will be sponsoring your visa. Then
you can go for the next step or apply for the visa to the appropriate authority. So, the first step for you
to be followed is – apply for a job in Japan to a company and get their approval.
Get the Certificate of Eligibility

You will next have to apply for a visa at the Japanese Embassy, but before that, you need to have a
certificate. The certificate is regarding your eligibility and that has to be passed through the “Justice
Immigration Bureau” from the Ministry of Japan. It would be very good if you have a proxy in Japan
for getting this certificate. Your application at the company of Japan and acceptance from them will
act as this proxy for you. Hence, once your application for the job is finalized, JIB will be approving
your application of certificate related to eligibility very fast. You must note here, that Japanese
government is the fastest acting government body in the world.
Get the Visa by filling the form

The next and the final thing to be done are in this stage. You will have to fill the form of Visa
application and that is available from the Japanese Embassy. There are several things that you will
have to provide, declare and state in this form. Most or all of them are already with you. What you
had not was the Certificate of Eligibility, but now you own that one too. So, applying the visa will be
perfected at this level and that too quite easily. Once you fill the form, submit the same to the
Immigration Bureau through the Japanese embassy. Do find all the things a month before your joining
date, according to the appointment letter. Within one month from the date you submit the Visa
application form, you will get the approval.

The above stated three steps are going to make your fascinating dream come true. You will not have
to proceed step by step and that will do the trick for you. Working visa is available from this nation
very fast. The Japanese work visa requirements and information will help you a lot to get more
details regarding the same.