5 Tips to Study in UK for International Students

5 Tips to Study in UK for International Students

Even though you might possess the skills or passion to attain your dream job and a high-paying salary, a degree is important. A prestigious degree will open up a lot of avenues for you. Especially,  if you want to work on an international level and earn more than average.

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In the UK, you will get a great opportunity to select your field of study. There are many programs offered in the UK for different fields. So, if you want to study medicine, or pursue an undergraduate or master’s degree in a specialized degree, UK is the place for you!

Furthermore, you will get a cultural exposure that will not only reflect in your resume or CV but also boost your personality. Your confidence will be boosted and you will learn how it is to interact with people from different cultures. This is because undergraduate studies in UK for international students as well as master’s programs attract admissions from many countries.

Here are some tips for you to help gain admission in the UK for your studies:

1. Select and Apply for Universities

The first step for you to study in the UK is to select the universities that interest you. You can select the university based on the location, its QS ranking, or the field that you chose to study. If you want to complete your high school education in UK, there are several ways you can do so. Opportunities to study A level in UK for international students are plenty. Following schools allow you, as an international student to study in the UK:

  1. Bellerbys College
  2. Kings Education
  3. CATS College

These colleges along with many others can help you study A-levels in UK. This will help you secure admission to UK universities in the future. Furthermore, you get to interact with the locals there which will gain you an edge when applying for programs in the UK for your undergraduate and postgraduate degree.

Furthermore, A-levels from the UK will prepare you for higher education and get you the edge that you want when applying for universities that have a good QS ranking.

2.  Apply for a Scholarship

There is a platitude of opportunities to study in UK for international students, scholarships being the most attractive option for many who cannot afford it.

Many UK universities offer merit-based scholarships. A full scholarship can cover the tuition fees, accommodation expenses, as well as other living costs. A partial scholarship waives a percentage of the tuition fees for you, so you do not have the financial burden to pay the full fee. However, you will have to secure admission to the university before applying for the scholarship in many cases.

Here are some scholarships offered by UK universities:

1.Chancellors International and EU Scholarships – University of Sussex

The University of Sussex is offering 60 scholarships for the year 2021. This is an excellent opportunity to study in the UK for international students. The scholarship offers a 50% waiver in tuition fees which is quite generous! However, as mentioned earlier, it requires obtaining admission to the University before applying for the scholarship. Therefore, you first need to apply to any program that relates to your academic background and passion and start your journey!

2.Think Big Undergraduate Scholarship – University of Bristol

His scholarship is fit for undergraduate studies in UK for international students. Instead of covering the tuition fees, this scholarship awards £5,000 and £10,000. They can be used for qualifying courses which include many except for Dentistry, Medicine, and Veterinary Science.

If you are a medical student worry not!

King University Scholarship for Medical Students

The King University offers scholarships of £3000 for each year. Therefore, there are many opportunities to study medicine in UK for international students. Selection is based on your financial background as well as academic record.

3.  Working while Studying in the UK

There are many opportunities to work alongside study in UK for international students. Even if you have a partial scholarship in your program, you can work part-time to get money for your studies and other living expenses.

If you have a full-time program, you can easily spare 20 hours per week for a part-time job. Furthermore, you can also work full time in the summers. However, what you cannot do its freelance or start your own business. For that, you will need an entrepreneurial visa. Furthermore, you cannot have a permanent full-time job during your studies.

How much can you earn?

If you are 25 and above, you are eligible for a minimum wage of £8.72 per hour. From 21-24, the minimum wage is £8.20 and for age 18-20, it is £6.45. You can easily earn money alongside your studies.

4.   Travel and Enjoy the Country!

If you are here to study in UK as an international student, you have an excellent opportunity to travel and explore other cities during study breaks. You can make the most of your free time while traveling. It will gather your memories that you will look back and you can also explore other cities if you wish to continue staying in the UK and working after your degree. Here are some places during the study in UK for international students that you should not miss:

  • London
  • Bath: Roman-Era
  • Devon – Lundy Island
  • Salford, Manchester
  • Cumbria, Lake District

5.   Get a Paid Internship

Last, if you want to make the most of your time there, make sure that you do something related to the course that you are studying. An internship, if your university allows, can help you to get international experience before you return to your home country. So, there is more to just study in UK for international students. A paid internship will not only get you the extra buck, but also something to add to your resume. You can also learn the work culture there which is a plus if you wish to seek employment opportunities abroad or good-paying jobs within your homeland.

All in all, we have gathered the most important tips to study in UK for international students. You can follow the suggestions and enjoy a good time in the UK whilst studying for your preferred degree. You can also apply for scholarships once you get admission to your preferred college or university.

So, hold on tight for the experience of a lifetime!